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What's new in 5.0?

SEDA 5.0 includes the following improvements from 4.1:

  • Test score and covariate estimates for administrative school districts.
  • Test score and covariate estimates including data from the 2018-2019 school year.
Graphic showing overview of map in version 5.0

SEDA 4.1 Features

SEDA 4.1 builds on 4.0 data released earlier this year. SEDA 4.1 includes:

Graphic showing overview of data tables in version 4.1

SEDA 4.0 Features

Version 4.0 of SEDA is updated with better estimates and cleaner data. New features allow you to access:

  • Data for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 school years.
  • New crosswalk with stable school, district, and county IDs.
  • Insights and learning: see our latest discoveries.
Graphic showing overview of data tables in version 4.0

New features in the Educational Opportunity Explorer

Refine your view of the data with new filtering options

In our new Explorer interface, you can:

  • Filter estimates by: school, district, and county size; ranges within key metrics (average test scores, learning rates, and trend in test scores); and ranges for socioeconomic status and percent qualifying for free or reduced priced lunch (FRPL).
  • Select all schools in a particular district. For example, view estimates for all schools in New York City Public Schools.
  • Select schools by characteristic: area (rural, town, suburban, and urban schools); school type (public, charter, and magnet schools); school age group (middle, elementary, and combined).
Graphic showing filtering controls in the Explorer

View and compare locations in new ways

We’ve refined the location data panel to provide a clearer view of statistics at a glance (and have added U.S. states as new location types to explore). You can also compare several locations’ data together in a revised table display.

Graphic showing the location panel in the Explorer Graphic showing the location comparison table in the Explorer
State-level views, margins of error, & more

Among the many other new features in the Explorer, we’ve added states to the list of geographies you can explore, margins of error for each place’s data, and even more powerful and intuitive controls—all within a completely redesigned interface.

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